Browser Support

Startr Style is built using many modern CSS features. Most notable of these features include CSS variables, also known as CSS custom properties and CSS grid. Support for these features is exceptional among modern evergreen browsers, however older, non evergreen browsers lack support for many of these same features. We therefore recommend that if support of older browsers like IE 10 and 11 are a concern then Startr Style will not be the correct fit for your project.

Following are the most modern CSS features used by Startr Style along with their corresponding entry in the excellent Can I Use database.

Vendor Prefixes

The distributed version of Startr.Style includes all necessary vendor prefixes to ensure broad compatibility across different browsers. This means you can start using Startr.Style out-of-the-box, confident that your styles will render consistently on all supported platforms.

However, if you prefer more control over which prefixes are applied, you can customize this by importing the source files and processing them through your own PostCSS setup. This allows you to tailor the prefixes to your specific needs and optimize the final CSS output for your target browsers.